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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms to stage when selling a home. Buyers sometimes fall in love with- or reject- a home based solely on these important rooms. … More

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Dining Rooms & Kitchen Nooks

Meals are an important part of daily life, and the rooms in which they are enjoyed set the tone for shared experiences with family and friends. Staging dining rooms and kitchen … More

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Curb Appeal & Exteriors

Studies have shown that often buyers decide whether or not to purchase a home before they even walk through the front door. Maximizing curb appeal, and showing a back yard's full … More

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Family & Living Rooms

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the family and living rooms are the soul. The right staging will allow buyers to imagine kicking back and relaxing in a family room...or … More

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Offices & Dens

Home offices and dens speak to productivity and organization. Showing them as clean and efficient tells potential buyers that their lives will be easier if only they purchased this … More

Davis Staging Master Bedroom


Bedrooms are usually the most personal of all rooms in a house, thus staging to create a more neutral space is a smart investment. Following are bedrooms presented by Davis … More

Why Stage Your Home?

When you moved into your house, you created a home; your furniture, accessories, and treasured photographs imparted your own personal style and aesthetic into the rooms. You turned … More

In The Press

We love sharing design tips and creative ways to live in your spaces...below is a sampling. Enjoy! 12 Ways to Brighten Your Home for Summer  (Picked up by  Dwelling Gawker, not … More